A Fresh Take on Med-Tech Seating

Introducing Citrus, a Med-Tech seating solution that doesn't force you to choose between style and performance. Simple, fresh, and clean modern design with an intuitive Flex Function that lets the chair adapt to each individual user with no adjustment necessary.


Key Features


Simple. Performance.

Innovation sometimes means less is more. Citrus adapts to user movements while leaning backwards or turning to either side, providing optimal support in any seating position.


Simple. Performance.

The revolutionary Flex Function technology is at the heart of Citrus' advancement in comfort and support. Flex Function on the forward edge of the seat supports forward-angle seating - precisely the type of posture typical in Med-Tech environments.

Citrus Lab

Built for Med-Tech

The ideal Med-Tech chair doesn't just protect the sitter. It also protects the setting. Citrus has been designed with lab-grade hygiene in mind, combining materials, form and design to create seating with the properties necessary for lab and clinical healthcare workspaces.

Citrus Hero

Make it Fresh. Keep it Clean.

One guiding principle in the design of Citrus was to make the most of the fewest parts possible. The result is a chair without a confusing array of knobs and levers, but instead a clean minimalist look. And now you can add a touch of personality with your choice of optional vibrant colors.

See it in Action

Dimensions at a Glance

Model# Max Overall Dimensions Seat Dimensions Seat Height from Floor When Seated Back Dimensions Weight (lbs.)
CTDL1-CTDe6 41.0 23.5 17.5 16.25 16.0 - 22.0 16.0 14.5 15.5
CTHL-CTHE6 45.75 23.5 17.5 16.25 16.0 - 22.0 16.0 14.5 15.5
CTRD 26.5 23.5 15.75 15.75 16.0 - 22.0 0.0 0.0 16.25
CTRH 30.0 23.5 15.75 15.75 20.75 - 31.0 0.0 0.0 19.75



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