Our line is streamlined.

Forget the clutter of knobs. These chairs represent form
and functionality in hygienic and high-tech harmony.


The smoothest move in shareable seating. Freedom of fluid motion comes from the patented frameless back.
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For those who believe less is more. Citrus is simple, clean and cleanable. Our lightest and freshest option.
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Our most comfortable chair, and that’s saying something. The perfect choice for one-station applications.
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We gown up to get down to
what matters to you.

This is seating that adapts to you. Ongoing conversations and
observations with our sitters guide where we go next.

What demanding environments demand.

When the people in labs and healthcare talk, we listen. It’s the only way we can
design chairs to keep up with what they need and the pace of their space.



Beyond the highest

cleanability standards.


Unique ergonomics for

unique postures.

All-day comfort

Modern Looks


Fresh and colorful with

a minimal visual footprint.


Stands up to the most

sensitive environments.



What’s needed. Nothing more.

We refine and refine, designing a chair that won’t get in the way. And one that won’t break down on you. Fewer parts, fewer seams, fewer points of failure.

Get support
beyond the seat.

We keep things simple: reliable,
thoughtful, always-on.

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