We are leaders in technical seating.

We design chairs and stools for labs, technical industries and sensitive environments.

Who We Are.

We’re specialists to our core.

Everything we design is tailored to the needs of technical and sensitive environments and the people who work there.

We’re committed to good design.

Design means more than looking good. Which is why we invested in an in-house design studio – so we could study, prototype and iterate new solutions to best serve the people working in these environments.

We’re here to support you.

We aim to provide top-notch customer service and partner with you to find the best solution for your space.


Specializing and innovating are in our DNA

Way back when in 1886, Mr. Cramer himself, J.W. Cramer opened Cramer Bros. Safe Company in Kansas City, Missouri. For the next fifty years, our company manufactured safes—indestructible products built to withstand all sorts of pressure. 

Then in 1934, we introduced the Cramer Posture Chair – the industry’s first ergonomically adjustable office chair. From here, the company designed chairs specifically for aerospace and WW2. After that, we designed the first chair compatible for Cleanroom and ESD environments.

Here’s what we value.

There’s a lot of chair clutter out there. How are we different?
The answer is baked into what drives us every day.

Be Authentic

Embrace Humility and Simplicity

Seek and Solve Problems

Surprise and Delight

Get support beyond the seat.

We keep things simple: reliable, thoughtful, always-on.

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