The ergonomic lab chair built for med-tech.

Remarkably durable and reliable, it’s no surprise Fusion is a favorite for all-day sitters. It makes for a perfect match when paired with our proprietary r+™ technology covering system.


Fusion Chair

All-day support for all-day lab work

Long lab days take endurance – and Fusion is the lab chair for the job. Lab-grade materials prove resilient to the demanding challenges and uses of shared med-tech environments. Fusion is where comfort meets lab-grade performance to support even the longest shift. 

All in the details.

Defining features that make Fusion the right fit for labs.

Withstands the demands

Lab-grade materials support multiple users and long shifts. Think carbon steel frame, heavy-duty foot ring, and puncture-resistant covering.

Comfort for long shifts

3.5” molded foam seat and back cushions support active, forward sitters all the work long day (and night).

r+™ technology

1/8” thick polyurethane seat covers give forward sitters a non-slip grip for safety and chemical resistance.

Our patented r+™ covering combines ultra-durable urethane over molded foam for all-day comfort and cleanability.

Our thick, yet supple, urethane covering is resistant to punctures and tears while the molded foam cushion provides consistent support through long work days.


Trusted by the best in the country

Some of the top labs and research facilities across the country have Cramer chairs in them.

Our most recent Fusion case studies

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Modern infrastructure meets an interdisciplinary science hub

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Flexible space for research and innovation

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When you need to sit all day, sit here.

Camp out for the long haul. With a chair this comfortable, you may not even want to get up and stretch your legs.

Getting started with Fusion


Assembly Video

Feel confident assembling your chair with a hands-on demonstration.

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Seat Adjustment Video

Get familiar with the four seat adjustments on Fusion.

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Build your own

If you don’t see a configuration
you like, let’s build one for you.

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Get support beyond the seat.

We keep things simple: reliable, thoughtful, always-on.

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