The most durable med-tech chair. Period.

Built to withstand the toughest environments. Triton lab chair provides unfailing performance and comfort, day after day, year after year. It’s earned its reputation as the most durable chair on the market.


Triton Chair

Defining features that make Triton the right fit for labs.

Engineered for heavy use and long shifts.

Triton proves that med-tech seating can be both comfortable and nearly indestructible. Its built-to-last construction provides unfailing performance and comfort round-the-clock. Triton’s carbon steel frame is corrosion-, shock-, stress-, and wear-resistant. Metal-to-metal connections reinforce its heavy-duty structure. Beyond its rugged frame, Triton adjusts from active forward-leaning to reclining postures. Its molded cushioning gives all-day comfort for weights up to 350 lbs. Shift after shift, year after year, Triton delivers in the toughest environments.

Our patented r+™ covering combines ultra-durable urethane over molded foam for all-day comfort and cleanability.

Our thick, yet supple, urethane covering is resistant to punctures and tears while the molded foam cushion provides consistent support through long work days.


Get support beyond the seat.

We keep things simple: reliable, thoughtful, always-on.

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