Support for supporters

The healing process must be clean. It’s better for everybody — caregivers, included — if it’s comfortable, too.

The way healthcare sitters need to be supported.

No distractions. No getting in the way. Just getting the job done.

Easy to clean.

Resists contaminants and holds up to aggressive cleaning agents.

For healthcare postures.

Adapts to unique forward positions while staying comfortable.

Thoughtful design

Pops of color lift moods while clean lines won’t block lines of sight.

Durability without downtime.

Built for the demands of 3-shift use and also peace of mind.


We gown up to get down to what matters to you.

This is seating that adapts to you. Ongoing conversations and observations with our sitters guide where we go next.

Works where you work.

Our chairs are designed for the most sensitive environments, so they stand up to every environment.

Our line is streamlined.

Forget the clutter of knobs. These chairs represent form and functionality in hygienic and high-tech harmony.

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Get support beyond the seat.

How can we work to make your work easier?

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