Cramer ever


ever® all intensive use seating guarantees long life for the frame and metal parts. But only ever, with the all-new Renewal replacement cushion system, allows you to remove and replace the cushions, dramatically extending the life – and adaptability – of the chair.

When you replace your ever cushions using the patent-pending Renewal system, the worn or outdated cushions are returned to Cramer for recycling.

Those cushions, after a visit to our local recycling partner, have a second life in someone's home or office (i.e., as carpet pad, a pencil holder, or maybe even a punch bowl). Plus, the materials that make up its core – aluminum, plastic, steel – are 100% recyclable.

Environmentally sound design, from start to finish.

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  • The die-cast aluminum frame guarantees strength and durability.
  • The Renewal™ replacement cushion system accommodates the replacement or exchange of multiple cushion sizes on one universal frame; the cushions attach easily with quarter-turn locking fasteners actuated by a Renewal key attached to the bottom of the seat
  • Cushion assemblies can be returned to Cramer at no charge for complete recycling
  • Multiple cushion sizes fit a range of individuals
  • Supports up to 400 lbs.
  • The synchro-tilt mechanism provides a smooth, comfortable ride. With 1.7 degrees of back recline for every 1 degree of seat recline and multiple locking positions, it instantly accommodates a broad range of seated positions.
  • Intuitive controls allow users to easily select multiple ergonomic postures.
  • Generous lumbar support accommodates a variety of body types without adjustment
  • 15-Year, Three-Shift Warranty
  • ever has SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certification and may help contribute toward LEED certification