Core Values

Our core values determine everything we do at Cramer. They define our culture, and our culture defines us. Five points, one inspired company.

Be Authentic Embrace
& simplicity
Surprise &
Mind the
planet &
people in need
Seek & solve
Authenticity is woven into every aspect of life at Cramer — how we treat our customers, employees and partners; our approach to design and innovation; the way we work and communicate. Through it all authenticity is our guiding principle. Be original. Be authentic.
We find satisfaction in a job well done, a customer well served, an honest effort. No need to trumpet our successes. We pursue our mission with quiet resolve. Simplicity is always the best answer – in design, manufacturing, service and everything we do. Only the essentials.
We get bored with boring. Life is too short — why not go above and beyond to delight everyone we encounter? 'Checking it off the list' is no fun. Let’s knock their socks off. Our favorite bumper sticker is "smile, you'll confuse people." People think we’re crazy, but we’re ok with that.
A spirit of service and stewardship abounds at Cramer. We strive to share our creative talents and caring mindset not only with our customers, but the community and environment around us. Volunteerism is an essential ingredient in our company culture.
We are a curious bunch. Every employee at Cramer is encouraged to learn and discover. Challenge yourself. Seek opportunity in adversity. Question the status quo. There's always a better way, and we're determined to find it.